Why You Need an Australian-Made Aluminium Ute Toolbox

Why You Need an Australian-Made Aluminium Ute Toolbox

Austates Pest Equipment is pleased to introduce our brand-new, Aussie-made aluminium toolbox. As an Australian owned and operated company, we are incredibly proud to now be offering a product that is eligible for the ‘Aussie Made Club’, joining the ranks with several other proud Australian businesses. Known as the ‘true mark of Aussie authenticity’, it is Australia’s most recognised product label, and rightfully so, as it’s reported that 93% of Australians prefer to purchase Aussie products.

For those that don’t have a preference, let us explain the significance. Here in Australia, we have rigorous product and packaging laws that protect buyers from purchasing faulty products. The Australian Made logo gives you, the buyer, peace of mind knowing that you’re purchasing a product that you can trust without having to do excess research into the company selling it. As well as peace of mind, buying an Australian-made product means that you’re also supporting the local economy and putting more jobs back into our workforce.

The Australian-Made Aluminium ToolboX

Our new toolbox range has the ultimate customisability. With our mix-and-match style, there are twelve different lengths to fit the specifications of your ute – no matter how big or small. They are designed to fit any dual-cab, extra-cab or single cab ute and sport all of the high-end features of a custom toolbox – at a fraction of the price.

Our Australian-made aluminium toolboxes are made for long-lasting performance and have a magnitude of utility attachment options such as wire/rope hooks, cup holders and additional adjustable shelves.

Watch the video below to see one of these toolboxes rigged up on a pest management ute.

Why Aluminium Toolboxes?

If you’re wondering why you should purchase an aluminium toolbox for your work vehicle, here are just a few of the reasons.

Aluminium Is More Flexible Than Steel

We all know that steel is stronger than aluminium, but this might not be a good thing when it comes to your toolbox. Think about it like this, if your steel toolbox takes a beating, it’s probably going to crack and break at the seams. However, if your aluminium toolbox takes a beating out on the job, it’ll have a few dents that are easy to bang out later.

Aluminium Is Lighter Than Steel

One significant benefit of using an aluminium toolbox over a steel one is the weight factor. Aluminium weighs about 2600kg per cubic metre, whereas steel weighs about 7,850kg per cubic metre. When you are driving around all day, the last thing that you need is excess weight on the back of your truck. Not only does carrying heavier loads put more strain on the vehicle, but it will also end up costing you more in petrol. So, opt for a lighter option, and you’ll thank yourself in the long run.

Aluminium Will Not Rust

Despite anti-corrosion treatment, steel will still end up rusting over time. However, aluminium is naturally non-rusting because the chemical reaction between aluminium and oxygen actually produces a protective layer, more commonly known as aluminium oxide. This protective film is anti-corrosive because it is chemically secure and does not react further when in contact with water or more oxygen.

At Austates, we stock only the highest quality products, so that you can drive away from knowing that you’ve purchased something that is durable and reliable for the task at hand. We source our products from a range of trusted suppliers to ensure that we’re delivering the best possible solution for you and your business. Head over to our online shop to see what we’ve got in stock, or get in touch with us now for more information.