Where To Get Custom Pest Control Rigs For Your Work Ute Fleet

Where To Get Custom Pest Control Rigs For Your Work Ute Fleet

A custom pest control rig/spray unit is the perfect way to maximise your staff’s workflow and ensure they’re prepared for any situation, no matter the job.

Fun tradie fact – the average worker spends about 2-10 minutes each day looking for the right tool! Sure it seems pretty inconsequential at first, but that adds up to potentially days or weeks of lost profit. At the end of the year, each worker may have spent 38 hours searching through their utes and toolboxes.

Equipping your work ute fleet with custom pest control rigs is a long-lasting solution for small time-wasting habits. Austates can help you maximise the productivity of your business by putting everything you need at the tips of your fingers.

Cargo Security & Safety

Pest management experts carry plenty of expensive/sensitive equipment and chemicals, so exposure to the elements can be disastrous. We’ll organise pest control vehicles to store your important equipment safely in weather-proof containers or toolboxes. If something needs to be on the outside (reels, toolboxes, etc), we’ll make sure it’s durable enough to shrug off prolonged exposure to the Australian environment.

Our Modular Pest Management toolboxes take protection to the next level. Not only are they perfect for creating storage that works for you, but they also safeguard against theft and vandalism.

Why Your Whole Fleet Should Have The Same Setup

Fleet vehicles are a handy alternative to self-sourced transport. It guarantees that all your workers have access to the proper storage and equipment when completing jobs. It also makes organising which person gets which job a whole lot easier because each worker has the same gear on hand.

With a fleet under your control, you don’t have to worry about Davo, who went out and put a canopy on his ute and can’t fit a ladder anymore. As the business owner, you decide what the workers need.

No matter how passionate your tradies are, they’ll probably hesitate before putting a spray reel on their personal vehicle. Fleet cars let them access all the best equipment without asking them to customise their personal rides.

Plus, things don’t always go to plan. One of your employees will need to swap out their usual vehicle to take another at some stage. This could be for repairs, a breakdown or other unforeseen reasons. A standardised setup system means your pest management experts will be able to switch out any vehicle with ease and get the job done no matter what.

Keep Your Workers Healthy

Tradespeople work long days doing strenuous tasks that are hard on their bodies. Hauling heavy equipment to and from the ute takes its toll. A custom setup for their particular trade takes some of the strain off their bodies. Our vehicle spray systems help distribute large quantities of chemicals. This reduces the need to lug large liquid-filled tanks. The long hoses let your workers easily reach far-away areas while the heavy tank stays secured on the ute bed.

Level Up Your Pest Control Fleet

With years of experience, the Austates team understands that every fleet has special requirements. We work with a range of vehicles and equip them all with top-notch Pest Management systems. If you want to level up your pest control fleet, call us today for a fast quote.