What customers look for in a pest control business

What customers look for in a pest control business

The pest management industry can be unforgivingly competitive, which means that your pest control business needs to know what potential customers want.

While customers may have different needs, they all expect certain traits in their potential pest controller. That’s why it is essential you know what people are looking for in a pest control business.

A professional-looking technician

The first thing a potential customer is going to look for is how professional the pest controller and company seems. These days, most customers find their pest control technician online, so it is essential that your website looks clean, is easy-to-use, and gives precise information to your potential customer. Your site should also clearly show that you and your staff have the right licences and certifications.

Remember that most customers find the prospect of a stranger entering their house to be daunting, so make sure that all your technicians are wearing a clean and neat uniform. Their ute and equipment should also be tidy and secure. An air of professionalism will set the customer at ease, make the technician’s job easier, and might even lead to referrals or return customers.

A good-quality price

When it comes to price, customers know that the lowest price is not always the best service. Instead of low prices, customers are looking for well-defined prices. They don’t want to find out, after the inspection, that there are all kinds of hidden costs. Make sure you clearly explain to the customer what the price will cover and what extra costs there might be, like baits or traps. Customers will generally understand that you cannot give them a fixed-price but do expect a free-quote and a pest survey to be conducted.

The right pest control chemicals and equipment

Some pest controllers may think that customers are oblivious to what chemicals and equipment a technician is using during pest control, but you’ll be surprised by how knowledgeable customers can be. Customers have a sense of what bait goes with which pest, and will be able to tell if you are using a non-organic spray when they’ve requested an organic one. Be sure to use the appropriate equipment and explain to the customer what and why you are using a piece of equipment.

Pest Management knowledge and consultation

Customers are looking for pest controllers that can answer questions and are willing to share knowledge about pest control. Of course, there are some questions that technicians might not know the answer to. It’s important then, to be honest with the customer and say you will find out for them. Customers are also increasingly looking to blogs for answers to their pest problems, so it could be useful to share insights and advice on your website.

Throughout the pest control process, you should be continuously consulting with your customer. Let them know what you are currently doing and what you will be doing next. If you see any immediate issues, let the customer know on-the-spot. If there are long term issues, like structural problems where rats or birds can build nests, clearly explain this to the customer and recommend any changes.

Package pest control services

Customers may be contracting your services for one specific pest, but they know that there is the possibility that they could have other pest problems too. That’s why package services are very popular, and many customers will prefer a package to a stand-alone treatment. Package services come in all shapes and sizes, including complete services that target all pests from rats to silverfish. Customers also usually expect termite services to be a package service that includes a free termite check and an affordable termite monitoring program. If you don’t offer package services already, then it is essential that you start doing so.

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