Weird & Wacky Things Out West

Weird & Wacky Things Out West

Queensland is a pretty diverse state. From day trips to the beach to hikes in the hinterland, we’re never short on something to do. But, if you’ve ever considered heading a little further out, we suggest you read on. We’ve rounded up the best weird and wacky things you’ll find out west. 

Central West: Barcaldine

Every street in the town of Barcaldine, or “Barcy” (pronounced Bark-y) as the locals call it, is named after a tree. If you happen to be 100 kilometres east of Longreach and 100 kilometres north of Blackall, there are a few things you could get up to here. You may choose to visit the Tree of Knowledge, best known as the birthplace of the Labour Party, and also the location for the first Australian sheep shearer’s strike. It’s best viewed when the sun hits it in the early morning or late afternoon. This will showcase the amber hues of the structure’s timber, which is made from recycled telephone poles. If you head to one of the local pubs, be sure to mention the sculpture to the locals – they’re known to have split opinions on the “black box” that now frames their famous tree.

South West – Cunnamulla

Do you like kangaroos? You should probably visit Cunnamulla – there’s a whopping 950 roos per person. After you’ve made friends with Skippy, slide into an outdoor bathtub in Eulo. You can soak up the mineral-rich mud as you crack open a cold one and take in the scenery. 

Far West – Betoota

If you’re an introvert, a visit to Betoota wouldn’t go astray. You can relax and enjoy your own company here – the population of Betoota is a big fat zero. 

Far West – Boulia

For those a little more socially inclined, Boulia is the place for you. Mystery abounds in the Capital of the Channel Country and Land of the Min Min Light. Here, curious balls of light are rumoured to follow travellers. Rare birds and trees can also be spotted across this town, so keep your eyes peeled. Perhaps most exciting of all though, is that Boulia is home to the iconic Boulia Camel Races. Witness these marvellous creatures hurtle down the racetrack as they compete in the longest camel race in Australia, at 1500m. 


North West Queensland: Mount Isa Mines Rodeo

The Mt Isa Mines Rodeo rolls around every August for four days a year and is an event you’ll need to dress to impress for! Ditch the singlet for your best long sleeve check shirt, and trade in the shorts for your jeans. While you’re there, chat to a bull rider if you want to gauge what it takes (beyond the $230,000 prize money incentive) to take control of a 1000kg+ bull.  


If you’re seeking an out of the box experience, we think our itinerary gives you a solid start. At Austates, we thrive knowing we get to help out our customers every day. Our fully fittable pest and weed equipment can help you take on even the wackiest of jobs. Chat with our team to find out how we can best help you out.