Weekend DIY projects for guys

Weekend DIY projects for guys


If you’re already a persistent DIYer, then these projects will be right up your alley. If not, be warned! DIYing can be highly-addicted and once you get started you’ll always be thinking of the next project. So start small with something achievable, and get building!


DIY Key holder

Here’s a handly little project to make a stylish and practical key organiser. Not only will it keep your keys organised, it will stop that persistent jingling of keys. You could also customise this design with any number of woods, finishes or colours. Regardless what you choose, you’ll have a unique and sleek key holder that is sure to draw the attention of your mates.

Photo courtesy : Guy Manningham

DIY Tool Roll

The right tool can make almost any job easier. That being said, most jobs can be completed with a small set of practical, good quality tools. Once you know what they are, why not make something to organise them so you can keep them close? Here’s a project you can make with just some leather and a sewing machine. It simple, practical, and should last forever

Photo courtesy: Caila Made



DIY Chook pen

Chickens are awesome. They eat your scraps and give you eggs in return. And if you’ve had chickens before you’ll know that each chicken even has a different personality, making them fun to watch as they go about their business. All you need to do is build them a home – and almost anyone can do that.

Photo Courtesy: Live Simply

DIY Kegerator

You thought I was going to say homebrew, hey? Well the great news is these days you can buy some stella microbrews from local breweries. What you really need for that authentic lager at home is a kegerator. Now, you could go and simply buy a kegerator, buy why not build your own custom design? Then you can impress your mates with beer straight from the tap.

Photo Courtesy: http://www.wikihow.com/Build-a-Kegerator