Want to Improve the Marketing for Your Pest Control Business?

Want to Improve the Marketing for Your Pest Control Business?

There are over 9000 pest control businesses in Australia, and around 2000 of these operate within Queensland. That’s a lot of competition.

Are you finding it hard to land jobs ahead of rival businesses? Perhaps it’s time to look at new ways of becoming accredited and finding a fresh approach to marketing, to put your business one step above the rest.

Become a member of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association.

Get first-hand access to a range of resources with AEPMA and become part of a supportive community of pest control businesses. As a member of AEPMA you will enjoy:

    • Referrals to consumers looking for an accredited pest control company.
    • Training packages explaining new legislation, whenever it is changed.
    • Up-to-date information on industry developments and news.
    • Use of the AEPMA logo on your website and marketing collateral.
    • Discounts on vehicles, equipment, insurance, travel and more.

    Membership packages start at $193 and vary according to your business turnover. One of the most valuable aspects of being an AEPMA member is gaining referrals through their website and being able to display accreditation from a credible and professional organisation. This will provide the consumer with confidence that they are choosing a reliable and trustworthy company to carry out work in their home or business.

    Get your Pest Cert.

    AEPMA professional members may also apply for their Pest Cert. Consumers are more likely to hire a pest control business that holds a Pest Cert because:

          • They know that the business adheres to strict codes of conduct.
          • They are aware that the business is using the most up-to-date methods of extermination and control for efficiency and reliability.
          • They know that they will be receiving value for money.

    To find out how to apply for your Pest Cert, see here.

    Become a signatory of the Code of Best Practice for Termite Management.

    If your pest control business provides termite eradication services, then becoming a signatory of the Code of Best Practice for Termite Management will immediately put your company a notch above its competitors. The Code, produced by AEPMA in conjunction with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, outlines the best practices to be undertaken by termite exterminators to ensure consumer safety and absolute value for product.
    As a signatory, AEPMA will also refer your business to customers looking for termite extermination services via their website. To become a signatory of The Code, see here.

    Up your online presence.

    It’s time to get your business on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google. There are a plethora of other social media platforms that you could use, but these are by far the most popular when it comes to increasing your business’ exposure. The aim of the game? To get as many positive reviews from customers as possible! Always encourage them to leave a review after you have completed services, either in conversation or by prompting them when you email an invoice (having hyperlinks in the email to Facebook, Google or LinkedIn review pages and instructions on how to leave a review will make this extra convenient for your customers!).

    And don’t forget to update regularly! Ensure all of your business information is continually up-to-date and post regularly so that your existing and potential customers can see the standard of services that you provide.

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