Vehicle Spray Units

Vehicle Spray Units


No matter what your pest control business- we have you covered. At Austates Pest Control we customise all our products to your specific needs. And that means vehicle spray units- fully customised. Read on to learn more.

No matter what type of work you do

As we all know the pest control industry is vast, with many different companies offering different services. This means a vehicle spray unit needs to serve specific functions depending on what type of pest control you do. Whether it’s termite control, domestic ants & spiders, weed control, nursery or farm work, or fire-break maintenance, we can build a unit to suit your needs.

Personal preferences

Along with the type of work you do, we also understand that everyone has their own preference in the way their equipment is stored. Everything down to the accessibility of your hose reels are considered so your spray unit is exactly how you would like it.

Why should you choose a custom built vehicle spray unit?

  • You’ll stress less- ever tried looking for something in a mess of a ute tray? If your customers are waiting the last thing you want is to be stressed while looking for a piece of equipment in a messy ute.
  • Your workflow will improve- just like we said, you choose exactly how your equipment is stored. Having everything, its place means you’ll be more efficient.
  • You’ll look professional- The neatness of your ute -in the customer’s eye- represents the sort of work they’ll be paying you for. So if you’re a messy person but are the best in your field, a messy ute represents messy work to the customer.

The process

As every customised vehicle spray unit is different, it’s important to chat to you to know what you’re after. To get a quote you can send us a sketch of your idea via fax or email. Or, if you prefer to have a chat give us a call on 07 3272 7890.