Pest Control Vehicle Requirements

Pest Control Vehicle Requirements

pest control vehicle compliance

The Government have specific requirements in place for pest control vehicles, which need to be met to avoid a fine, and for the safety of the technician and other drivers.

Ensure that your work vehicle meets these specifications. If not, call Austates today to make adjustments to your spray unit!

Securing and storing chemicals

All pest control equipment must be secured in order to prevent spillage during transit. This means that all containers need to be sturdy to prevent damage, and strapped upright in your vehicle. It’s also important to have locks on your vehicle to prevent unauthorised access to potentially dangerous chemicals. Austates’ tool boxes and canopies feature secure drop locks, and if you have several mounted on your ute tray bed, they can be keyed alike.

To avoid chemical build up, the structure in which all chemicals are held must be resistant to the chemical itself. This also makes it easier to clean regularly.

No chemicals can be kept in the same cabin as the driver and passengers in case of an accident or spillage occurring. A spill kit should also be kept on hand, in the vehicle at all times. This should be updated according to the type and amount of chemicals in the vehicle.

pest control vehicle compliance


Business details
All pest management technicians need to have signage on their vehicle stating that it is used for pest control. This might appear in the name of the business itself, for example, “Bert’s pest control solutions.” However, if your business’ name does not explicitly state this, for example, “Bug off,” then the words “pest management” need to be incorporated into the signage somewhere on the vehicle. In addition, the business’ phone number must also be printed on the signage.

This information is presented to:

  • Promote the business.
  • Alert people that there are chemicals on board and to take due caution in case of an accident.

Meeting compliance

Austates design pest control vehicle spray units specifically to meet these government requirements. We’ll assure that your business is meeting all compliance in regards to work vehicles, and customise your work rig to suit your individual needs. Contact Austates today to find out more about our custom solutions for pest control technicians!