Trips that will change your life

Trips that will change your life


Take your adventurous spirit to the next level with these life changing trips, mandatory for every bucket list.

1. Raft the Grand Canyon

At 446 km long, 29 km wide and 6,093 ft deep, the Grand Canyon is an epic natural formation that began around 17 millions years ago – and a humbling experience for all that visit. Although casual sightseeing from the South Rim is one option, real men will want to get down and dirty by going into the heart of this vast natural wonder. We’re talking about rafting the muddy coloured Colorado River, which cuts through the middle and can be traversed by guided tour. Tours last from 7 to 13 days by inflatable raft, or between 13 and 18 days if you go in an old-school wooden dory boat. A challenging, awe inspiring trip!

2. Go on an African Safari

Nothing makes you feel more primal and connected with ancient humanity than going on an African Safari. As well as being able to view wildlife in its natural habitat, you’ll have unique cultural encounters, take stunning photos to make your mates back home jealous, and discover an appreciation for the beauty of nature. If you’re unsure where to go, then consider the Chyulu Hills of Kenya where three national parks converge, containing rhinos, elephants, lions, buffalo and more. All animals are protected by Masai warriors who are conservationists and guides. You can go on daily hikes or ride in open-top 4×4 jeeps to see amazing wildlife.

3. Kayak With Whales

Whale watching from a boat is all very well, but for a more up and close and personal experience with these huge mammals, consider sea kayaking. Sea kayaking with all kinds of whales can be done in many locations around the world, from Baja Mexico to Kaikoura in New Zealand. Be sure that the tour company you go with actually does go to the prime whale spots, so you get to see as many whales as possible for your money. Understandably you may have misgivings about the safety of this venture, but rest assured that it is perfectly safe, even when paddling in amongst killer whales. If you respect the whales, they’ll respect you, and you’ll have a memorable once in a lifetime experience.

4. Volcano Camping

If you really want to test your nerves and physical abilities then try hiking up a volcano and camping on it for a night. Many have done it and survived to tell the tale, so why can’t you? Guatemala is a hot spot for active volcanoes in a range of states from gently smoking to angry and lava spewing. Santiaguito for instance, which has been erupting every few hours for the past 80 years, is a popular choice for curious and courageous campers who want to witness the power of Mother Nature (warning: you need to be extremely fit to do this adventure). Joining a guided expedition is essential for volcano camping as they are run by experienced volcanologists who know what they’re doing.