Tools Are Expensive - Here’s How To Safely Store Yours

Tools Are Expensive – Here’s How To Safely Store Yours

As a tradesperson, your tools are some of the most valuable assets you own – so looking after them is critical to making sure you’re never caught out when something goes wrong. 

Rust, deterioration and theft are nightmares for tradies to deal with, and costly problems to resolve. Turning up to a job without the right tool can be embarrassing, but more importantly, a waste of your and your contractor’s time! 

At Austates, we have a toolbox for every trade, plus a range of canopies and other storage containers customised to perfectly fit in the back of your ute or truck. We can create a storage container which allows you to organise your tools how YOU want. 

We’re a team of trade professionals, and each member of our team knows that a tradies toolbox is like a medical bag for a doctor. It’s a way to have all the resources you need at the tip of your fingers. So no matter if you’re a carpenter who needs to lug around large power tools; a plumber who needs a demountable toolbox for emergency jobs; a sparkie who wants a way to organise and categorise every tool; or a professional from any other trade; we can craft a unit that will make your job much easier. 

Each unit is made to be weatherproof and is fitted with a secure lock system to protect your tools from the elements and theft. 

We offer custom canopy and toolbox building services for whatever ute or truck you drive. We also have a range of prebuilt units if you’re looking for a quick purchase.

Here are some of our suggestions to keep your tools safe: 


Think of a canopy as a protective barrier between the elements and your cargo. Utes are versatile vehicles which are great at transporting big loads; that’s why they’re the vehicle of choice for tradespeople across Australia. But one downside to utes is, whatever is in the tray is dealing directly with the elements. 

A canopy helps protect your gear from rain, hail and the harsh Australian sun without reducing cargo space too much. If you need to move a big load, our canopies are easy to install and uninstall, so you’re never limited for options. 

If you’re an electrician or a tradie who carries machinery, water can be extremely problematic if it gets into your tray. We’ve all been in a situation where we’ve been caught out by a flash shower. A canopy helps you store your equipment without the worry of environmental damage. 

Also, if you’re somewhat of a lazy tradie who is known to throw a tool in the tray instead of back in the box at the end of a job (no shame, we’ve all done it at some point), a canopy makes sure that item is still protected. 

Our canopies come in the following styles, each with different options in coating and fittings to suit your job: 


If you are carting around big loads most days, sometimes a canopy isn’t right for you. Carpenters, brickies or builders who need to bring long or oversized resources with them to a job will need an open tray. Our toolboxes are designed to comply with how much space you need in your tray. We’ve produced a range of different styled toolboxes to make the most of how much space the client needs while still creating a useful unit for tool storage. 

A fitted toolbox is an excellent accessory for any trade. If you prioritise organisation in your day-to-day, then a tray-mounted toolbox really is a must. Our contractor ute boxes are manufactured for the rough conditions encountered by contractors. We’ve helped miners, diesel fitters, pest control workers, builders, electricians, tilers, glaziers, plumbers, stonemasons, brickies, plasterers and a growing list of other professionals fit their utes with the perfect toolbox. 

We offer several internal layout options with different drawer and shelf configurations. These can be customised to suit your requirements. 

At Ausbox, we build custom ute toolboxes precisely to your specifications. Contact us now for a quote so we can help you create the perfect, fit-for-purpose toolbox!