The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift: International Bacon Day

The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift: International Bacon Day

The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift: International Bacon Day

Gasp! A day dedicated to bacon that also coincides with Father’s day weekend? What could possibly be better than scrumptious, fatty bacon in bed with handmade Father’s day cards and another mug that says ‘World’s Best Dad’?

The answer? Absolutely nothing. We’ve all died and gone to hog heaven.

Here are some simple ways to indulge in all that is bacon this weekend:

1. Bacon in Bed
There’s nothing more satisfying than waking up to the smell of delicious, crispy bacon in the morning. Fry it up with eggs, garlic mushrooms, hash browns, and some haloumi for the perfect Father’s day breakfast. You could even top it off with a fresh cup of coffee or a glass of homemade orange juice for extra brownie points.

2. Bacon Bouquets
Our love is like a red, red bacon coil. Yep, bacon bouquets, or should I say ‘bloquets’ are an actual thing now. First invented by the chain restaurant, Ribs and Rumps, and debuted on the TODAY show in 2015, bloquets are described as “delicious rosettes of rump wrapped in sizzling bacon”. Want to make them? Head this way.

3. Bourbon and Bacon Recipes
For the dad who loves alcohol and smoky bacon, bourbon bacon brittle is the ultimate triple threat recipe. If you can’t eat nuts, these bourbon-bacon chocolate chunk cookies are also an excellent mouth-watering alternative — just don’t let the kids get into them!

4. Fifty Shades of Bacon
If you’re into bacon and humour, look no further than the ‘Fifty Shades of Bacon’ cookbook by Benjamin Myhre. Filled with funny, tongue-in-cheek recipes and a contents page that lists appetisers as foreplay, perhaps this gift is one for the soon-to-be dad from a wife or a girlfriend?

5. Bacontarian
Is your dad vegetarian up until the point he smells bacon? Then he’s a periodic baconterian! Satisfy his geeky pride with a t-shirt that spells out bacon with the periodic table chemical formula.

6. DIY Bacon Jam
Grilled cheese sandwiches, meet your soulmate: bacon jam. Bacon jam is a delicious and versatile spread that you can use with just about anything. From cheese and crackers to roasted potatoes, pasta sauce, scrambled eggs, and even pizza.

7. Bringing Him Home the Bacon
If all else fails, a simple gift card or meat tray from your favourite butcher is sure to put a smile on your Dad’s face. You could plan a special Father’s day BBQ or invite some friends over for a bonfire and some authentic smoky bacon.


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