The best high volume pumps!

The best high volume pumps!

After a reliable pest control pump that will assist you to spray chemicals efficiently? One that will fit seamlessly into your vehicle rig without taking up too much room, but which will still pack a decent punch? Here at Austates, we’ve put a lot of thought into the pumps that we stock, ensuring that they’re powerful, efficient and compact. Check out the highlights from our range below to see which pest control pump will best suit your everyday applications.

Pumps powered by petrol engines

We’re big advocates of petrol powered pumps! They’re hardy with a high volume and high-pressure output, and get the job done quicker! We couple state-of-the-art pumps with Honda engines because they’re the best in the biz. Reliable, reputable and durable; Honda engines never let us down!

Commando Brass Pump coupled with a GX35 Honda engine

This little ripper is the ultimate companion for residential spraying jobs. It has a max pressure of 360 psi and a max volume of 12L/min. With Viton seals and stainless steel valves, it’s a robust little beast! The pressure gauge and regulator is also ideal for ease of use. For even further convenience, the pump and engine come fitted to a base plate, complete with engine mounts. Ready for you to whack her on the back of the ute and get to work!

Annovi Reverberi AR30 Pump coupled with a GX200 Honda engine

After a little bit more oomph? This AR30 pump comes with two hose outlets for dual action spraying and has a maximum open flow of 32L/min. Cover more ground at a quicker rate! The max pump output is 40-bar, and the engine has a high power-to-displacement ratio, making this a bit of a dream team combo. This setup also includes a GI40 pressure regulator so you can mist or blast those pests as required.

Electric pumps

Electric pumps are ideal for smaller applications. While they have a lower volume and pressure output than their petrol engine powered counterparts, they do come with significant advantages. They’re much quieter, lighter and space efficient. Not to mention a lot cheaper. But for larger jobs, they can become a little frustrating, especially if you’re used to the high volume of a petrol powered pump. Think carefully about the nature of the work you carry out on a daily basis before deciding between an electric or petrol driven pest control pump.

Shurflo 12V Pump

Of all the electric pumps on the market, we’ve found that Shurflo is the most reliable. We stock two sizes, a 12 volt with a 6.4L/min flow rate and max pressure of 60 psi, and a 12 volt with a 6.8L/min flow rate and max pressure of 107 psi. Both have Viton valves and Santoprene diaphragms for increased durability. By far the handiest feature, however, is the pressure sensing switch that turns off the pump when spraying is stopped. Perfect for small domestic jobs and spot spraying!

High hose reels with pump mounts

Fitting all the gear you need onto the back of your vehicle can be a bit of a struggle. You can create more space by mounting your pump below a high hose reel and combining two essential items into one piece of equipment. We stock a range of high hose reels suitable for several different lengths and widths of pesticide hose. Each will comfortably fit an AR30 Pump coupled with a GX200 Honda engine or a Nova Brass Turbine Pump coupled with a GX160 Honda motor underneath. Shop our range today to make your vehicle rig less crowded and more accessible.

Austates are Australia’s leading supplier of quality pest control equipment. Contact us today discuss the type of pump and engine combination that will best suit your business’s needs.