What Type Of Ute Set Up Is Right For Me?

What Type Of Ute Set Up Is Right For Me?

We love our utes! The thing that makes utes an Aussie’s vehicle of choice is their versatility. No matter if you’re driving a Toyota Hilux, a Holden Commodore, an Isuzu D-Max or any other brand/model, a ute is the perfect vehicle to tackle any job. 

The only thing handier than a trusty ute is one that’s customised around your day-to-day needs. 

At Austates we create ute builds to cater to your needs. We can set you up for success in your trade or hobby with a range of professional ute setups.

With an Austates custom ute set-up, all your important equipment will be safely stored in an easy to access location. We can even implement tools or machinery integral to your job into our builds!

Here’s a list of kits we can design for you. If you find a category you like, we can create an endless amount of designs and even hybrid kits custom fitted for your trade. 

Need To Carry/Spray Fluids?  

Let’s begin where it all started! Austates vehicle spray units are custom built to meet your requirements. If you need to spray fluids or chemicals for your job, then we can create a range of options to suit your needs. Our expert team will see how much fluid you need to hold, the consistency of the fluids and other variables to decide on which tank size, pump type and other accessories are most effective for the work you do. 

Popular Uses For Spray Units:

  • Pest control 
  • Weed control
  • Nursery or farm work
  • Fire-break maintenance

Looking For Better Organisation?

One downfall of a ute tray is that unless you’re strapping a load down, everything in the tray is just loosely sliding about. Without proper organisation, your cargo can get dinged up or even go missing. So if you’re sick of searching through your entire tray to find one thing, then our toolboxes and canopies are the perfect organisational tool. 

We create toolboxes and canopies which are made to the size of your tray – so there are no awkwardly fitting accessories. We think a toolbox is like a suit. Sure a one-size-fits-all does the job, but it’s uncomfortable and can look out of place, so we take pride in fitting all of our toolboxes like a tailored suit. They’re made personally for you, and nothing else will come close to how practical and useful they are

We can also integrate any equipment you need for your job into your build. Jacks, tanks, pumps, cranes and anything else you need for your job can be designed into your build, so your essential tools are easy to reach and use. We will customise your ute to meet your specs.

Popular Uses For Toolboxes

  • All trade industries 
  • Agricultural work 
  • Everyday use 
  • 4WDing 

Want Tray Shelter? 

If you need more cover without compromising your carry-space, then have a look at our range of canopies. We can make a range of canopy sizes and can rig each one with as many storage compartments you want. 

So if you want to integrate a toolbox and pull out shelving, we can do that. Or if you just want a large open space, we can do that too. We can include features such as internal lighting, lift-off jacks, windows, vents, lock types, internal shelving and drawers, as well as ladder bars and luggage racks.

All our canopies can be built to suit utes that already have an existing tray back, or we can manufacture them with an integrated floor, or we can even supply an aluminium tray base to suit if required. 

Popular Uses For Canopies

  • Variety of trades
  • Camping 
  • Transport 
  • Everyday uses
  • Travel 

Need Something Tough For The Mine Site? 

If you’re a mine contractor or an operator in a similar environment (quarry, construction, etc.)

you need something tough enough to endure the conditions. 

Our contractor ute boxes are expertly made for the conditions found in mine sites. If you’re expected to drive on rough dirt roads or through dust and soot, then you need a toolbox that can continue to work smoothly – no matter how rough the conditions get. 

Plus, we make sure we optimise and make several changes from regular vehicle-mounted toolboxes to make sure they’re extra tough

If any of these builds tickled your fancy, contact Austates and get started on creating the ute-kit of your dreams. If you were interested in two or more of our services, contact us and see what hybrid build we can make for you. We’re happy to mix and match to design a product that is perfect for you. Whatever equipment you’re carrying around, we’ll make it fit better than any store-bought storage could.