So You’ve Bought Your Dream Ute, What’s Next?

So You’ve Bought Your Dream Ute, What’s Next?

Congratulations, you’ve made the step the thousands of Aussies proudly take and bought your dream ute. There’s a lot of discourse over what the actual “perfect ute” is, but to be honest, as long as it’s tough and gets you where you need to be, it sounds pretty perfect to us. No matter if you got your ute fresh from the dealership or pre-loved from another person, you’re likely itching to do something to make it uniquely yours! 

Setting up your ute is an exciting experience and one that separates your vehicle from every other Landcruiser, Ranger or D-Max on the road. Here’s what to do once you get your new ute home. 

Upgrade Your Ute’s Hardware 

Your new ute may be looking a bit nude after your purchase. The hulking offroading beast you envisioned may need a bit of work to make it real. Utes fresh from the factory commonly are only equipped with basic attachments and features not fully fit for the off-road life. Even second-hand cars are regularly stripped of their old bull-bars, roof racks and other items before being sold. 

When setting up your ute, these are the first things you’ll want to customise. 

Ditch Those Factory Tyres 

Taking your new ute into the bush may get you stranded quickly. The tyres that come with most new 4WDs can’t handle rough off-road terrain. Instead, they’re made with smooth highway driving in mind. If you want to explore off the beaten track, pick up a good pair of offroading tyres or all-terrain tyres. 

Maximise Your Storage With Roof Racks 

If surfing, canoeing, camping or just general cargo moving is in your future sights, you’ll want a trusty set of roof racks to maximise the storage of your ute. You never think you need these ute attachments until you need them. Sometimes an item is too long or oddly shaped to fit in the tray. When that happens, secure it to your roof racks and away you go! 

Stay Connected With UHF Radios 

These radio systems are great for communicating in a convoy or with other travellers. They also provide a handy safety net should you need recovery and can help properly communicate with other vehicles during extraction processes like winching or towing. 


Whether you picked your ute up for business or leisure, a canopy or toolbox will allow you to store essential items your way! The only thing that makes a ute more versatile is handy components storage. Ausbox fits ute toolboxes, canopies and contractor boxes to meet your individual needs.

Cover It In Protective Features 

Armour up your dream ute to prevent dings, scratches and any sort of body damage. Bullbars, rear bars, rails and steps are the first line of defence for your ute. These are worth their weight in gold because they absorb most of the wear your ute takes when driving on the road or off it.  

Suspension Upgrades

There’s no downside to upgrading your suspension. It’s better not to need it and have it than force severe damage or a breakdown. A suspension kit usually refers to replacement shock absorbers/struts and springs. Improving your suspension gives you an increased clearance height, improved handling, better load capacity and better balance while towing.

Towing Features

Improve your ute’s ability to recover or be recovered with the correct towing features. A towbar and winch improve your chances of extracting your vehicle if things go wrong. It also sets you up to attach a boat trailer or carry along a caravan.  

Don’t Forget The Fun Stuff 

A 4WD Course

If you’ve never been bush bashing or offroading before, it’s not a bad idea to take a 4WD course. There are several of these classes available, so try to find one that suits the style of driving you’ll be doing the most of. A class that allows you to use your own vehicle is ideal because you become better acquainted with your ute. 

Take It Camping 

Marvel at how prepared you are for your next camping trip by having more than enough space for your necessities and then some! Say goodbye to squeezing everything into the small sedan you used to drive. 

Road Trip

Take those new wheels for a spin. All it takes is a mattress in the tray and a full tank of fuel and you can make a grand adventure for yourself. There are so many great stops in Queensland and Australia for you to enjoy. 

Ausbox constructs durable ute and truck storage systems for any trade. If you want to make your ute uniquely yours, we can craft a toolbox or canopy that can handle any job. Our ute boxes and canopies are great for both work and play to keep your gear safe and secure. Contact us today for your quote!