How to Safely Transport your Equipment from Job to Job

How to Safely Transport your Equipment from Job to Job

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As a tradie, one of the most important parts of your job is safely transporting your tools, equipment, machinery and chemicals to work and from job to job. Making sure you do this properly is crucial when it comes to protecting yourself and others, not to mention protecting the small fortune of equipment that is in the back of your vehicle. Below we’ve explained the various steps you can take to make sure you’re transporting your equipment safely:

Make Sure You’re Lifting Properly

When lifting heavy objects or pieces of equipment into your ute, make sure you never lift with your back. Instead, keep your back straight and bend your hips and knees to squat in front of whatever it is you’re about to pick up. Slowly lift the object and always try not to twist your body while lifting; if you need to change direction do it with your feet. A top tip is to have your feet pointing in the direction you’re going to go in before lifting the item up. Lifting safely is crucial since, as a tradie, a back injury could put you out of the game for quite a while.

Store Chemicals Correctly

If you work with any kind of hazardous liquids or chemicals, it’s important that you have proper storage for them in your ute or van. Keep chemicals in a separate compartment or section of your vehicle and make sure they’re upright and properly sealed. If you work in an industry like pest control, or you’re in a trade like landscaping where you may have to spray large amounts of pesticides or herbicides,  we can supply a spray tank as part of your quality spray unit that will allow you to apply the chemicals in a safe and efficient manner.

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Equipment Should Always be Secured

One of the biggest hazards when transporting equipment from job to job is tools or machinery that aren’t properly secured. This has been known to cause car accidents and can also damage your equipment, since it’s likely to get banged about in the ute. On top of this, in the event of an accident, poorly secured tools can inflict more damage if they are hurled to the front of the car from the momentum of any impact. Invest in a ute box or ute canopy that’s custom made to hold all of your everyday tools and equipment as well as helping to keep you organised from job to job.

Invest in a Good Security System

When storing equipment and going from job to job, it’s crucial that you’re using a ute box made from high-quality and robust materials that are extremely hard to damage or break into. Next, you need to make sure that your ute box or toolbox has a decent lock to deter or prevent any potential thieves. As a carpenter, plumber, builder or any kind of tradie really, your tools and equipment are your livelihood so you want to make sure they’re protected at all times.

At Austates, we have a huge range of products from canopies and toolboxes to spray tanks and storage boxes, that are specifically designed for the convenient and secure transportation of a tradesmen’s tools, equipment, chemicals and machinery. All of our products are custom made to your exact specifications so you won’t find a better fit anywhere else! If you have any questions at all about any of our products, get in touch with us today!