Refurbishment Of An Old Australian Weed Control Unit

Refurbishment Of An Old Australian Weed Control Unit

Austates can upgrade, repair and refurbish old vehicle spray units. Weed control unit repairs will increase the lifespan of your gear and vehicle. Refurbish your vehicle spray unit to make it more operable and convenient with Austates.

Here at Austates, we enjoy having a good old yarn with our customers about how we can build something new to assist them in getting the most out of their vehicle rig.

People come to us with all sorts of issues, including not enough space, too much space with not enough compartments, bogus configurations that slow down work and struggles to meet compliance while maintaining a functional design. We like to put our experience and knowledge of pest and weed control vehicle units to the test by finding the best solution at an affordable price.

Assessing the job at hand

We recently had the privilege of making improvements to a weed control unit to ensure improved operability and efficiency. The bloke that came to us had a single cab ute sporting a small spray unit with one of our 400L tanks, a SprayMax remote retracting reel, a Nova pump fitted to GX Honda and one toolbox. He needed a couple more tanks, advice on what to do with the somewhat awkwardly sized space on his tray bed on the passenger side, and protection for his pump and engine, which was exposed to the elements. So we all gathered around the setup and considered the possibilities with much scratching of chins and discussion of his typical day at work.

If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it

Upon inspection of his existing gear, we found that it was all in good working order. The hinges on the toolbox didn’t squeak, the retractable hose reel glided like a dream, and the pump purred like a satisfied cat. It was clear that what this fit out needed was a few additions and a bit of rearranging to achieve a more operable setup. More tanks would need to be incorporated to accommodate the customer’s increased workload and to store more chemicals. And we needed to build something to keep the pump and engine protected, which would ensure that it continued working smoothly and not degrade. Other than that, we knew that reusing his old equipment and adding a few new bits and pieces to improve the overall design was the best way forward.

Coming up with custom solutions

It was clear that an off-the-shelf toolbox or tank was not going to fit into the narrow gap on the passenger side of the ute. We decided to manufacture an aluminium, checker plate box to match the customer’s existing one, in dimensions that would fit the space. This provided further secure storage space as the box featured two drop locks with stainless steel pans and handles. We then added a 200L tank for spraying into the middle of the rig, so that he would have 600L in total to work with. We also added a 50L tank for washing and drinking water. Finally, we fabricated a hinged aluminium cover to protect the pump in the same checker plate finish as the boxes, giving it a cohesive look. We also mounted the entire kit on a skid frame base for increased security. The customer was happy with the result and pleased we could rearrange and improve his existing gear to make the setup more convenient and easily operable.

Refurbishment & maintenance services

Small improvements like this can be made to enhance your services and increase the lifespan of your equipment. If this customer had of waited a few more years to provide shelter for the pump, it would have lost its efficiency and may have caused the owner to lose business. It’s important to maintain and service your gear regularly and to consider ways in which you can improve your setup to get more out of it. Next time you come into Austates for pest or weed equipment servicing, ask us about how we could refurbish your vehicle spray unit to make your working day easier or contact us today to get upgrades underway immediately!