Quality weed management equipment for Australian weed control contractors

Quality weed management equipment for Australian weed control contractors

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When it comes to commercial spray jobs, all professional weed control contractors need high-quality weed management equipment. At Austates, we are committed to supplying our customers with the best and most reliable gear for their weed control contracts, ensuring they deliver what their clients need. That’s why we’ve put together this list of some of our most widely-requested and popular weed control equipment.

A hardworking pump and engine

Strong enough to spray large areas but also able to easily attach to your ute or ATV, all weed control contractors need a reliable weed management pump and engine. At Austates, we supply the popular AR30 pump coupled to a Honda GX200 engine. Strong and powerful, this pump and engine have a maximum output of 40 bar and open flow of 32 litres per minute. And with two hose outlets, this is the perfect weed control pump and engine for any Australian weed control contractor.

Modern hose reel for weed control contractors

Any weed control professional knows that fast and efficient weed control equipment is essential when you are doing a big spray job. That’s why we supply Australian weed control contractors with a modern, remote control hose reel with motor-driven retraction. Simple to use and easily added to your existing pesticide system, the MAX-Reel can be used for many purposes including chemical and compressed air applications. The hose will rewind whenever you press the button on the small handheld transmitter, and comes with a hose bar and guide, making it a great efficient pesticide spray hose reel.

Pesticide spray tanks for any size weed control job

At Austates, we supply a wide range of weed control spray tanks for contractors. Whether you are looking for a large pesticide spray tank for a prominent town council contract job or a small 50l spray tank for local weed control, we know you need a sturdy pesticide spray tank that will last. That’s why all of our weed management tanks are built from UV stabilised polyethylene, making them suitable for harsh Australian conditions. We’ve also designed them in rectangular shapes, saving space on your ute and making these spray tanks easily storable. Make sure you browse our range of pesticide spray tanks today!

Professional weed management pressure sprayer

If you are a weed management contractor on-the-go, then you need a dependable manual backpack pesticide sprayer. At Austates, we supply the Silvan ProGrade Backpack sprayer with Silvan’s signature Safe Spray Technology. Fitted with Viton seals and an internal No Leak pump, this backpack sprayer is designed for the accurate application of pesticides for a wide variety of weed control contracts. Silvan also provides a 5-year structural warranty on this pesticide backpack sprayer, making this a well-suited addition to any contractor’s weed control equipment list.

Reliable and durable pesticide spray gun

It might be one of the smallest pieces of weed control equipment, but having a reliable pesticide spray gun is essential for any weed management contractor. Our Gunjet 43 pesticide spray gun runs at 800psi as is made from stainless steel and brass. This is a heavy duty pesticide spray gun and is ideal for professional weed control contractors looking for a high-quality spray gun. The convenient trigger lock allows for continuous spraying, as well as drip-free shutoff and instant response. If you are looking for an extremely reliable and durable pesticide spray gun, then look no further.

Are you a commercial spraying contractor looking for high-quality weed control equipment? Austates can supply you with the reliable pesticide and spray equipment, helping you deliver the best possible week management solutions. Contact Austates today or browse our range of weed and pest control equipment.