ULV Trolley Mister

ULV Trolley Mister


ULV Trolley Mister 12L 240v

Was developed to meet the demand for a ULV mister (sometimes called Cold Foggers) suitable for treating internal spaces and surfaces as an aid to the disinfecting process.

No claim is made that treatment with this device will eliminate viruses, as that is dependent on the operator, the disinfecting product, and many other factors.

It is ideally suited to use in offices, elevators, and other smaller internal spaces.
It is not designed to treat large warehouses etc.

It differs from ‘hurricane’ style misters as the gun is hand held which offers greater control and more accurate placement of the disinfectant. The gun is connected to the cylinder with 6 metres of high quality polyurethane tubing.

It operates by using a pneumatic cylinder, which feeds air and liquid to a misting gun. The air atomises the liquid, and the gun is hand held.

The cylinder is pressurised using a small compressor which is located on the trolley and runs from 240V power. This compressor is the limiting factor of the unit, as it is a reasonably small capacity, but it was selected to make manual handling of the unit practical.When the trigger is fully depressed, the output may exceed the air available from the compressor. This is why this unit is only suitable for use in offices, bedrooms, etc. and not large warehouses.

The unit can be disassembled to make it easier to load into a vehicle.
The tank and compressor can be removed separately from the trolley, and the trolley itself is then collapsible.

The tank and misting gun can also be purchased separately as an individual unit, if you already have your own compressor.

Weight 24 kg
Dimensions 50 × 100 × 40 cm

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