Spray Unit 200L

Spray Unit 200L


Spray Tank 200 litre , Constructed from UV stabilised polyethylene, these spray tanks with their rectangular style, save valuable floor space

The wheel arches in style-side tubs often make the fitting of standard tanks a little awkward and hard to reach.

Our design uses the space above the wheel arches to carry extra capacity and help reduce the footprint size of the tank. The filling lid is fitted to one side to allow easy access from the side of the ute.
The height and width of the tank have been calculated to produce a tank that will fit a large range of different model utes. A dimensioned drawing is available for customers to confirm if the tank will fit their tub.

The height of the tank also allows it to fit under tonneau covers and hardtops, on a large range of models.

The bottom of the tank has two raised sections which displace the liquid towards an external gutter in the bottom of the tank to improve drainage. The tanks are supplied blind, so the outlets can be fitted on any of the four sides of the tank.
Manufactured from UV stabilized polyethylene, the tank comes with an inlet and outlet fitting, a low profile 150mm filling lid, a litre mark decal, and four threaded studs and nuts for mounting.

Weight 95 kg
Dimensions 111 × 106 × 63 cm

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