Product Showcase: Slab Injectors

Product Showcase: Slab Injectors

Austates has a broad range of equipment for various terrains. We will be highlighting the few main pieces required for treatment of soil, and also for injecting concrete. 

slab injector kit

Slab Injectors: Deluxe and Standard

It has a tipped shut-off at the base of the injector that allows the fluid to be contained within the injector, eliminating the risk of any spillage on the concrete. It is also fitted with a pressure gauge, which will provide an indication of any backpressure under the slab. This is a very valuable tool for concrete that has heavy clay-based soil underneath.

The injector is easy to manage regardless of the concrete. The Viton seals allow easy manoeuvrability of the extension rod. It is a standard O-ring that can be purchased quite readily, and provides good longevity.

We have a standard bracket for purchase that will actually bolt the flow meter to the slave injector if required. Coming down from that is a standard type slave injector. It is designed to be used just with an ordinary spray gun attached to the end. All the same tips will fit to the end of the injector that fit the Deluxe Model, but you don’t have the benefit of the shut-off valve at the bottom of it.