Organising your farm ute

Organising your farm ute

The purpose of a farm ute isn’t to look pretty; it’s for practicality. Chucking what you need in the tray or in the cabin is easy, but then finding where you’ve left everything can sometimes be tricky. Organising your farm ute can make your day-to-day run that little bit smoother. At Austates, we are all about fitting out utes with the kits that they need to be most effective, that is why we have put together some tips to organise your farm ute.

Keep it clean

Don’t get us wrong, we know that you don’t have time every day to clear out your equipment and hose down your ute. But making a weekly habit of only keeping the necessities on board will be sure to help you find what you need faster. We have all found something hiding in the cabin that we have been looking elsewhere for weeks!

Have a daily kit

Are there items that you take on board and out of your ute every day? What are they? These everyday items will vary for everyone, and whether it be a lunchbox, thermos, water bottle, paperwork or a mix of them all, the same principle applies to how you should treat them. Try to have a box, carry bag or pack that you put all of these items in, and that way you know exactly where they’ll be from the start to finish of your day. This will make them easier to source and clean them at the end of the day, giving you a quicker start to your morning rather than scrambling to find them before heading out.

Have a system

Having a particular set of rules that you follow with the storage of items that you are taking with you on your ute will help to find them faster when you need them and put them away quickly when you’re done. You may want to reserve the space that you have available in your cabin for items that cannot get wet or need to remain secure like particular chemicals, firearms, sharp tools or papers. If you need to expand on this closed storage space, our Ausbox canopies and ute storage boxes are a great solution and can be customised to meet your exact needs.

If organising your farm ute is a priority this season, an Ausbox is a great tool to make it happen. With an approach to suit each individual client of ours, we cannot wait to start your set up! Contact us today to make your first step to a more organised farm ute.