Looking for a custom ute toolbox?

Looking for a custom ute toolbox?

An Austates custom toolbox can be made to any size and shape in a variety of robust materials.

To get the job done you need the right tools on hand at all times. That means finding a toolbox for your ute which will keep your tools safe and nearby.

If you’re on the hunt for a cracker toolbox, look no further than AusBox for a robust, custom ute toolbox! Keep reading for the full lowdown on the benefits of our toolboxes.

A Transportable Toolbox

An Austates custom toolbox can be made to any size and shape in a variety of robust materials.

Chances are you need to take your toolbox to and from the work site every day. We have you covered with a range of toolboxes designed to go on the back of your ute! Take a look at this custom toolbox example we completed – there’s no need to be limited to a single toolbox when we can kit you out with an entire set which fits perfectly on your ute tray.

Our toolbox designs are also great for keeping your shed, or workshop, tidy and in order. We’ve all had those moments where we think “I’ll put this in a safe place I won’t forget about,” then a few days later we are scratching our heads wondering where on earth that safe place is. With an Austates toolbox, you’ll never have that problem again!

Made to any size and shape

We get that every trade is different, so whether you’re in pest control, construction, mining, electrical or plumbing we can create custom ute toolboxes for your specific needs.

If you’ve got a lot of junk in your trunk check out this ute toolbox with drawers, measuring in at 1.5 meters long, you’ll have plenty of space! This design features two drawers and a side opening lift up door, making for easy and quick access. Better yet this toolbox also comes in a smaller size if you’re carrying fewer tools on your ute.

Protect your tools

Whether you need to transport your tools to and from the work site or keep your shed in order we have the perfect toolbox for you!

Your tools are no small investment, you rely on them to get the job done and can’t afford to have them stolen, misplaced or damaged. Our high-quality locking systems are tough to get past once they are locked up, meaning you can rest assured knowing your tools will be exactly where you left them.

Theft isn’t the only reason to have a secure toolbox for your ute; the natural elements can wreak havoc on your tools if they are tossed into the back of your ute and forgotten about. All of Austates’ toolboxes are built tough as nails, keeping any rain or corrosive salty ocean air away from your tools while they aren’t in use.

Made from heavy duty metals

Our metal of choice here at AusBox is aluminium to ensure you get the toughest ute toolbox that will last for years to come. Not only will our toolboxes withstand the majority of scrapes and bumps that come with day-to-day work, but they will also stay looking top notch. If you’re wanting to step-up the look of your ute’s custom toolbox, we can also make custom painted toolboxes. These custom painted toolboxes are not only eye-catching but keep your business looking professional and high-quality.

Now you’ve got all the pros of an Austates toolbox, what are you waiting for?! Swing us an email on sales@austates.com.au or send an inquiry today!