The Latest Trends in Pest Management

The Latest Trends in Pest Management

When it comes to pest management these days you have to be pretty on the ball with different technologies, sciences and methods. Pest management is more effective than ever today with technology that provides real time information, detection of insect tolerance and bio-control. However, in order to have truly effective and long lasting pest management, you have to stay on top of the latest trends. Learn about some of the most popular and most efficient pest management methods below:

Rodent traps

Long gone are the days of having to run routine checks on all of the rodent traps you’ve laid out. These days you can get traps with sensors so that as soon as a mouse or rat enters the station, you’ll receive a text or email.

Insect sensors

Again, inspecting insect traps can be time consuming and tedious and in fact, going into somewhere like a silo to check for infestation can be difficult and dangerous. Now however, you can get insect traps with sensors that can count the number of trapped insects and even identify the species. These sensors can send up to date information to your phone so that you can gain an accurate understanding of what kind of infestation you have.

Detection of Insect Tolerance

Many insects can adapt in order to survive and this can include building up immunity to pest management chemicals. However, the technology now exists, usually in the form of an easy to use kit, which allows you to determine if the insects in your infestation have developed immunity.

Insects Fighting Insects

Many people are now cleverly using parasitoids to biologically control insect pests. In nature, parasitoids are the enemy of many insects so you simply have to introduce them to your target species and you’re likely to see a drastic reduction in your infestation.

Mating Disruption

Right now, mating disruption is a very popular and tactical method of pest management. Since a lot of insects find each other by following the traces and scent of one anothers pheromones, this method involves applying large quantities of pheromones to the problem areas. The insects can smell too much pheromone and get confused leaving them unable to find one another and mate. This results in a drop in the population and leads to the pests eventually dying out.

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