Is your pest control business prepared to handle the heat in 2017?

Austates Can you Handle the Heat Summer

The hot weather of an Australian Summer means BBQ’s by the pool, icy poles and cricket at the beach. But it also means an insurgence of bugs and insects that LOVE the heat. This might be great for business, but it can also lead to equipment failure that threatens to plague your job turnaround when the heatwaves roll in. Going into summer as a pest control business, it’s essential to be prepared. Read on to find out how.

A wet, hot summer

This summer is gearing up to be a wet one, but without the coolness that usually occurs from cloud coverage and rainfall. This means that humidity is going to be at an all-time HIGH. If you’re living in South-East QLD or the NT, you might be thinking “what’s new?” But while we might not notice the change all that much, we’re certain the pests will.

Bugs that love the heat

We all know the top contenders that thrive in damp, hot conditions. Termites are the first critters that pop into our heads, especially in QLD. But cockroaches, mosquitoes, fleas and wasps will quickly follow. And the scariest possibility? The increase in redback spider populations. Don’t be caught unawares by the sudden influx of these pests in homes and the increase of extermination calls to get rid of them!

Pest control boom

While growth in these pest populations means more business for pest control experts, it also means a higher demand for quicker turnarounds. Back to back jobs are great, but only if you can handle the workload. An important aspect of this? Having reliable, high-quality equipment that won’t fail you when the going gets tough.

Maintaining your equipment

It’s important to get your equipment serviced regularly, and even more important to book it in for a major service NOW! Ensuring that all of your gear is fully functioning before the phone starts ringing off the hook is essential to maintaining constant workflow and a reputation for reliable services. Contact Austates today to service any equipment that you have bought from us!

Is it time to upgrade?

Is your pump on the fritz? Duster seen better days? Is there duct tape wound around snags in your hose reel? Perhaps it’s time to treat your business to an early Christmas present and upgrade your equipment. There’s nothing worse than the sound of a whirring motor and pump struggling in the summer heat. And you can be sure that if your gear doesn’t function at topnotch quality now, it’s only going to go downhill from here.

Don’t get stuck in business downtime because of faulty equipment and long repair waits. Not only will it annoy your customers when you have to reschedule and deter repeat business, but it’ll also mean that you’re missing out on the most profitable time of year! Don’t settle for subpar equipment and a “she’ll be right” attitude – visit the Austates shop and upgrade your gear today!