Introducing The Ultimate Pest Management Toolbox

Austates specialise in creating custom pest control rigs, and our new toolboxes are the perfect addition to your setup. Our new toolbox range is made to meet the demands of the pest control industry and let you easily access anything you need to bring with you to a job.

We have released four toolbox variations with three length options to fit in any ute tray comfortably. This particular box is 1120mm long but can come in 495mm, 1400mm, and 1800mm long measurements.

By mixing and matching different length combinations of the four boxes, there are a total of 12 different lengths to match your ute’s specifications. The Austates pest control toolbox range is designed to fit any dual-cab, extra-cab or single cab ute. These standardised boxes let us cut the manufacturing cost, which gives you a high-end product at more affordable prices.
We’ve been a trusted Brisbane pest control supplier for 28 years. We took all that industry experience and created the ultimate pest control toolbox.

Sturdy Outside Made For Long-Lasting Performance

The outside of these toolboxes is constructed out of a full aluminium shell. It’s durable, rust-resistant and non-reactive to a range of chemicals. We’ve used a robust powder-coated door combined with high-quality locks and padlock compatibility for ultimate security.

Sectional Interior That Gives You More Control

The Austates pest control toolbox range gives you modular control of attachments and storage. The doors open on gas lift struts which are reinforced to make the door sturdy. Inside you’ll find a height-adjustable, removable shelf and dedicated sections that can house several attachments. The back is fitted with a louvre vent so any solvent vapours can be ventilated out. If you don’t want your box to be ventilated, we’ve included a blanking plate that can be bolted over the vent. Hooks have been engraved into the flanges to hold spray wands or any extensions you want to carry.

To the right, we’ve left an open utility compartment that can secure larger equipment and be fitted with several attachments.

Attachment options:
Hand tank securing bracket (suits Gloria, B&G, Rega, Pestigas, etc.)
Wire/rope hooks
Can/bottle holders
Additional adjustable shelf

Complete Your Pest Control Setup

If you want to customise your ute to handle pest control demands easily, Austates can set you up with a range of spray units and repair any pumps or sprayers you already have. Our pest control toolboxes are a great way to cart around equipment and chemicals safely from job to job. Take a look through our gallery to get a feel for what we do and contact us today to set up a time to take your pest control rig to the next level. We can customise individual vehicles or entire fleets with high-quality, tested storage and spray units.

To speak to one of Austates’ Pest Equipment Experts, contact us here or give us a call on (07) 3272 7888.