Equipment You Need As A Pest Management Business

Equipment You Need As A Pest Management Business

Aside from the impressive outfits you get to wear in the pest management industry, there are a few other essential items you’ll need to have on-hand. Chances are, you may have already worked in the pest control industry, and have some idea of what you’ll need. Your equipment requirements will vary depending on whether you intend to specialise in a sector of pest management or will be catering to a wider pest management market.

Read on for our breakdown of the equipment you need to run a thriving pest management business.

Sturdy Spray Tank

You’ll need a quality spray tank that’s built to last. Choose a UV stabilised spray tank, and consider the shape and size, as well as how well it will fit in with your set up. Choosing a size efficient spray tank will save valuable floor space on your ute.

Of course, you’ll also need to ensure your spray tanks are compliant with safety regulations. They must be fit to store and transport pest control chemicals. This ensures that the harmful chemicals will not contact the general public.

Reliable Hose Reel

When working in pest control, you may be relying on your hose reel every day. It’s critical your hose reel is reliable, sturdy and user friendly. When choosing your hose reel, there are a few key points to keep in mind. First, choose a hose reel that won’t tangle easily. A hose reel that is prone to tangling can lead to blockages or tears. As well as being incredibly frustrating, the leaked chemicals pose a health risk.

To maximise productivity, choose a retractable hose reel. This is especially useful if you are using a longer hose reel (i.e. 100M long).

To save your arms, you can even opt for a remote control, motor driven hose reel. These hose reels are easy to use; the hose rewinds whenever the button on the small handheld transmitter is pressed.

Quality Sprayer

Sprayers are convenient options for pest management businesses, as they are highly portable. They are useful when you need to move around or are treating smaller spaces for pests. These sprayers come in a range of shapes and sizes to suit different applications (or your personal preference). These include backpack sprayers, trolley sprayers and even battery-powered sprayers (operated by a hand pump).

Keeping a small sprayer onboard can be a lifesaver for any pest control businesses. You won’t be restricted to only treating the areas your vehicle hose can reach. Plus, you can spray a different chemical without having to replace the chemical in the vehicle’s spray tank.

Powerful Slab Injector

If you specialise in termite control, a slab injector is essential. Austates’ Deluxe Slab Injector is an essential tool in the termite control industry. This reliable piece of equipment affords the pest control expert the flexibility to inject accurately under a wide range of situations. Complete with a pressure gauge, you can determine if there is any resistance to termiticide application, such as the instance of heavy clay, with this product.

Versatile Vehicle Box

Chances are, you’ll have a wide range of chemicals and equipment that you’ll need to take with you from job to job. You’ll want to ensure you’re storing your equipment in a way that prioritises functionality and safety.

Vehicle storage boxes keep your equipment organised, so you won’t be wasting time searching for equipment when you’re on the job. Plus, a neat and tidy looking work vehicle can instill confidence in your customers that you’re running a professional business.

In terms of safety, you can lock all your valuable equipment in your vehicle storage box. Wherever you go, you can rest assured your equipment won’t be nicked.

Easy-To-Use Spill Kit

A spill kit that has been designed for pest control is essential. This keeps you and your customers safe. Plus, it protects your business. If you’ve made a mistake on the job, but managed to quickly rectify the issue, your clients are far more likely to give you a second chance. In fact, they’ll probably be thankful to know you can professionally manage unanticipated challenges – a pretty important skill in the pest control industry!

If you’re about to start a pest control business or just need to update your toolbox, we hope you found this list helpful. At Austates, we also offer Vehicle Spray Units. These are made to fit your unique requirements and are manufactured to suit the kind of work you do. Whether it’s termite control, domestic ants and spiders, weed control, nursery or farm work, or fire-break maintenance, we can build a unit to suit your needs. If you’re ready to update your pest control equipment or need any assistance selecting the right products for you, contact us today.