Design and Customise a ute canopy specific to your trade

Design and Customise a ute canopy specific to your trade

customised ute canopy for tradies

Whether you’re a plumber, a sparkie, a pest control technician or a bricklayer, you’ll be needing a ute to store all of your stuff in!

And what’s a ute without proper storage on the back? Canopies are an invaluable addition to any tradies’ vehicle. They keep your tools dry, secure and in optimal working condition. Not only that, but a personally customized canopy makes your day at work much easier! Keep your extension cords securely coiled so that getting them out isn’t a tangled mess. Put your tools in different draws so that you can simply grab and go to get a job done. In an Ausbox canopy, there’s a place for everything.

Already have a canopy but find you’re running out of space? Never fear! We can install a range of extras like roof racks or underbody storage for extra space. Not only that, but we know how to follow compliance to the T for the specifics of your trade. Need ventilation in your canopy for couriering pest control chemicals? We know how to do that, too!

Worried that your canopy won’t match your existing ute? We can match your current ute paint so that it flows flawlessly with your canopy, and we can even point you in the right direction for branded decals as well!

Contact Austates today for a quote on the canopy that’ll make your working day more efficient!