Custom ute canopy configurations

Custom ute canopy configurations: things to consider

Custom ute canopy configurations


When ordering custom products to fit your ute, it’s important to consider your tray bed measurements as well as the ute’s overall unique elements. We’ve put together a quick list to get you thinking about the perfect configuration – then you can be leaving the nitty gritty stuff up to us!

Vehicle brand, model and year

No matter what brand, model or year your ute was made, we can fit it out with a serious canopy to make your working day easier! Get yours sooner by providing this basic information so that we can get to work finding the best configurations for you!

Cab type

Whether you have a single, extra or dual cab, there are options for your vehicle when it comes to canopies and toolboxes. The cab size will indicate what will best suit your ute.

Canopy dimensions

The layout and size of your canopy will impact how you invest in custom hose reels and tool boxes that will fit like a glove. Knowing the dimensions help us design the ultimate work rig for you!


Does your ute already have elements in coloured checker plate or powder coated aluminium? Start thinking about what colour and style is best to match and complement those already existing on your ute.


Don’t have a tray? No worries! We can provide you with one of our specialised AusBox trays. If you already have a tray, letting us know if it’s made of steel or aluminium, and what brand it is, will help us determine what to make your other products from.

Your trade

Your trade will directly impact the nature of your custom products; their materials and configurations. For instance, our mining boxes are specifically designed for miners in harsh conditions and will be much more convenient than a toolbox designed for a residential tradie such as a builder or plumber.

Your trade will also determine the number of drawers, shelves and windows you might want in your toolboxes and canopies. It will also reveal the type of mounting you will require. Choose from permanent, removable, lift off or integrated mounting to suit your kind of work and the conditions you frequently find yourself in.

Personal preference

Our friendly staff have seen many, many configurations and are more than happy to offer advice. Ultimately though, your configurations are up to your personal preference. No one knows your ute and your job better than you! If you want extra shelves because you like everything to be in its place, then go for it! If you work in pest control and want your hose on the right-hand side of your ute, then we can do that too! Just let us know the details, and we’ll customise your ute to make work as easy as possible!


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