Australian Custom Made Vehicle Spray Units

Australian Custom Made Vehicle Spray Units

Design your own vehicle spray unit, customised vehicle spray units make your job easier.

If you’ve been working as a tradesperson, farmer, groundskeeper or pest controller for some time, you’ll know that it can be a real pain in the backside having to work out of a ute that isn’t set up the way you need it to be.

We’re talking minimal storage space in the back, shoddy ventilation, a hose reel that snags every time you try and wrangle it out and zero lockable boxes to keep your gear safe and separated. And you have to deal with this nightmare day in, day out. It hampers your productivity and, to add further insult to injury, may not even meet compliance. It’s time to cut her loose and invest in a vehicle spray unit that actually makes sense. One that you’ve thought long and hard over while you’ve been struggling to pack up at the end of a lengthy job. The one that would make your work 100 times easier. Put plainly, a vehicle spray unit that you’ve designed.

Now before you get all up in arms thinking “when the heck am I going to have the time to do that?!” Hear us out! At Austates, we believe that the person who has to use the spray unit should be the one that has the most say in how it’s set up. But we’re also seasoned professionals in this biz, and will provide advice and draw up all the designs based on your preferences. Oh, and we’ll build it according to your specifications. All you have to do is answer a few questions for us, and maybe have a bit of a yarn about what you’re after. Before you know it, you’ll have a fully functioning vehicle spray unit that’s easy to use and set out exactly the way you want it.

Here are a few things that you can do with a custom made vehicle spray unit:

Tailor it to suit your trade

A pest control vehicle setup may be completely different to what you would need as someone working in firebreak maintenance. If you only use a handful of chemicals, you’ll only require one ventilated storage box. If you use a wide variety for the extermination of many different species of pest, for example, you may need several ventilated storage boxes. Every trade is different and will require individual vehicle specifications that assist in getting a particular job done efficiently.

Make your gear more accessible

Stop blundering about in the back of your ute, looking for this and that amongst a jumble of mess. Installing lockers and drawers will help you separate all your gear so that you can find it easily. Having equipment separated will also assist with its longevity, minimising the general wear and tear that occurs when everything is constantly knocking against each other. To cap it off, it’s also safer. How many times have you plunged your hand into a pile of stuff and poked yourself on something pointy, or cut yourself on something sharp? It’s time for some order back there!

Position your hose reels where you want them

Do you prefer your hose reels on the side of your ute or at the back? It’s entirely up to you! You decide the layout that will make your life easier, and maximise your time.

Get ahead of your competitors by looking like a professional

A well laid out, tidy vehicle spray unit looks sleek and professional. If you run your own business as a pest controller or gardener, your vehicle is often your brand image, so it’s important that it’s presentable. Here at Austates, we can even point you in the right direction for some seriously schmick looking vehicle decals and branding, to really put your business a step above the rest! Customers are more likely to hire a tradesperson with a tidy, reliable-looking ute than one that seems to be a mass of junk piled high haphazardly!

Don’t ‘make do’ with a stock standard vehicle spray unit. It limits your potential as a business. Make your working day more efficient and convenient with a professional, custom-made vehicle spray unit. Contact Austates today to chat about your ideas.