Cool Camping Gadgets

Cool Camping Gadgets

The planned camping trip with your mates is just around the corner so it’s probably time to start thinking about what equipment you already have. Does any of your gear need updating, or are you deciding this is the year to splurge and buy a really cool gadget that will show up the lads?

Or, maybe, you are deciding that this year you are going to buy that boring but essential piece of equipment you keep putting off. Whatever the case, below is a list of some of the best essential and not so essential gear, nevertheless they’re all pretty cool.

 Cool Tools

1. LED Lenser P5R Rechargeable Torch Set

A torch is essential for any camping trip and this LED torch is compact with a 7 hour battery life. It comes with a recharger and battery which can be recharged up to 1,000 times.

2. YUKON NVMT Night Vision Monocular


A definite non-essential but how much fun can you have with a night vision monocular? I’ll leave that one up to your own imagination!

3. Eton Scorpion Radio – torch, radio, speaker


The debate is out on this one as to whether a radio is essential or non-essential. This radio tunes into both AM/FM local radio and shortwave radio which is very handy if you are out in the wilderness and need to know about local weather conditions. On the lighter side, the radio is great for a bit of music and tuning in to listen to the footy.

4. SOG Entrenching Tool


This little shovel folds up into a compact package and has its own bag.

5. Gerber Back Paxe AXE


This sturdy little axe is lightweight and very handy to have packed away in the car.

6. Leatherman Australia – Wave Multi-tool


There’s something really cool about owning a compact multi-functional tool with heaps of handy little gadgets. This one is sure to please and keep you amused for hours with 19 different tools. Leatherman products come with a 25 year warranty and will basically last a life time.


7. AirPitch Tent


There are so many different styles of tents on the market today but here’s one that is quickly gaining international popularity. This dome tent is an inflatable tent which means no poles (that break) and no ropes so you won’t trip over in the middle of the night. You do however need to have an air pump but it takes less than one minute to pitch your tent and the same to pack away. The AirPitch tents comes in either sleeps 4 or 6 and includes an undercover storage area.

8. Oztrail Big Boy Armchair


Similar to tents, there are 100’s of styles to choose from but we’re pretty sure this armchair will make you the envy of the camp.


Well, there you have it! This list is by no means exhaustive but it makes a pretty good dent into the ‘must have’ camping gear to take on your next trip.