Cold hard facts on the benefits of custom ute canopies for Australian vehicles

Cold hard facts on the benefits of custom ute canopies for Australian vehicles

Custom ute canopies are tops. There’s no point in beating around the bush about it. They’re durable, they look professional, and they make your working day much easier. They can be made specifically to suit your trade, whether you’re a sparkie, a carpenter, a brickie, a pest control technician or anything in between.

If you’re on the search for a canopy for your ute, but can’t seem to find a suitable fit amongst stock-standard ranges, it might be time to look into a custom design.

Provide better workflow

Need a canopy on the back of your ute to store your gear? Every trade uses different equipment of varying size and purpose. For example, carpenters and builders have a lot of tools, and these may range from small to large. You may be looking for drawers to separate them so that it’s easier to find everything in its right place. No more spending precious time rooting around in a jumbled mess of a ute tray, just to find a specific hammer.

Likewise, if you’re working in an industry such as pest control or plumbing, you may need hose reels and generators hooked up to your rig. With a custom ute canopy, it’s possible to set this out exactly how you need it. Every trade is different, and there’s no point settling for a stock ute canopy that doesn’t meet your requirements, as it’ll just slow you down.

Protect your gear

We’ve all had those call outs to the dodgier areas of town. It’s on these occasions, when you’ve parked your ute in the drive of a customer’s house, that you cross your fingers and hope that nothing gets nicked out of it while you’re working! This isn’t something that will even cross your mind with a custom canopy. Choose the level of security you want, with drop locks available for all doors, lockable by the same key. You’ll never have to try and wedge everything valuable into the cabin to secure it again!

Furthermore, ute canopies are sturdy and durable. Checker Plate canopies are perfect for any tradies that frequent mine sites and need to keep their gear safe from constant jostling and corrosion caused by dust and rain. Design your canopy so that everything fits snugly, to avoid opening the door and finding everything in shambles!

Increase professionalism

As a tradie, your vehicle is often your most noticeable form of marketing for your business. You drive it out to every job, so it’s the first visual impression that your customers have of your services. This is why it’s critical that your ute looks as schmick as possible. When designing a custom canopy, the finish can be matched to seamlessly integrate with your existing ute. No one would ever tell that they were built separately! At Austates, we can even point you in the right direction to get your ute fitted out with branded decals, for that extra professional look.

It’s not only about looks, however. Having a canopy that is built to house your gear neatly will instil confidence in your customers, and allow you to work more efficiently, improving your services as well.

Know exactly what you’re getting

One of the biggest assets of a custom canopy is that you’re involved in the design process, so you know that you’ll be 100% satisfied with the end result. At Austates, we design and manufacture our AusBox ute canopies all on Australian shores. Our customers find that it’s better to invest in a quality product that they know they’ll love, and which will last them many years.

To see the breadth of our customisation, have a look at our nifty guide for designing your own canopy here. To find out more, contact us today to make an enquiry or just to have a good old yarn about utes!