Canopy Care - How to Keep your Canopy up to Scratch

Canopy Care – How to Keep your Canopy up to Scratch

At Austates, we believe that if something’s worth doing, then it’s worth doing properly. That’s why all of our ute canopies are manufactured with a powder coated finish, which is the most durable finish on the market. Not only does this help to guarantee that your canopy will last for years to come but it also means that maintaining and caring for your canopy is a relatively easy process. To maintain the lifespan and functionality of your powder coated canopy, all you have to do is implement a regular washing routine.

The good news is that cleaning your canopy isn’t a particularly difficult or time-consuming task. All you need is a bit of regular car washing detergent mixed with cool or lukewarm water and a sponge or cloth (preferably one that isn’t already covered in dirt!) then give your canopy a quick all-over scrub to remove the majority of dirt and grime buildup. We recommend doing this every one to two weeks, especially if you’ve been off-roading in the bush or taken your ute to the beach for camping.

Make sure you don’t:

❌ utilise acid or any acid-based cleaning products on your canopy as you’ll end up corroding the coating and eventually the aluminium itself. These products may leave your canopy looking shiny in the short term but in actual fact, they can do serious damage.

❌ use harmful cleaning tools like steel wool or brushes. These will scratch the surface and remove the coating.

❌ use harsh chemicals. If your ute or canopy is caked full of heavy grime or dirt, then a mild dish detergent will get the job done safely. Just make sure you rinse any soap residue off afterwards.

❌ use hot water when cleaning.

Make sure you do consider the climate:

When it comes to keeping your ute canopy in good nick, you need to be aware of how the general climate in your area or even the weather on a specific day can have an impact. When it comes to the Aussie climate, one of the main factors to consider is the strong UV rays. When possible, park your ute under cover or in the shade to prevent the sun from damaging your canopy. If you are really keen, you can wax and polish your canopy the same as you would your car.

If you live near the coast then your canopy will gather a coating of salt simply from the sea air, so it’s important that you rinse this off regularly. Alternatively, if you live inland near the bush, you’ll notice that dirt will build up more quickly. If you live in a region where you might experience frosty mornings during winter then make sure to only use warm water (not hot) to melt the frost and never use a scraper to remove frost.

How do I know when it’s time to get a new canopy?

If you’ve noticed any structural damage to your canopy or you aren’t happy with the strength of the lock or the materials used, you may want to consider investing in a new canopy. Often, the tools and equipment kept in canopies are expensive and if you’re a tradie, you likely rely on these tools for your everyday work. Theft of this equipment often turns out to be a much bigger loss than the expense of a new canopy.

A better storage solution
Maybe you need more space and storage than you used to or your current canopy hasn’t been designed for your specific needs or trade. Upgrading your canopy can mean having much more space and being more organised which will make your job a lot easier and much more hassle-free.

At Austates, our canopies are made to measure, meaning that when you buy a canopy from us it’s guaranteed to fit your ute perfectly. Our canopies are also completely customisable which means you get to decide which kind of lock, storage, shape and size suits your needs best. To learn more about our range of ute products or canopies, get in touch with us today!