Camping – Essentials to Keep the Pests Away

Camping – Essentials to Keep the Pests Away

Camping is by far one of the most relaxing and enjoyable holidays. Make sure you pack the essentials to ensure that your trip is not pestered by pests.

Mosquitoes and Flies

Citronella is a natural aromatherapy oil that repels mosquitoes and flies. Camping and outdoors shops will sell candles that are in aluminum holders ideal for the outdoors. Or you can apply the oil directly to your skin.

Mosquito Coil
Mosquito coils can also be effective around your campsite. The pyrethrum-infused coils emit a repelling scent and smoke. A few coils placed strategically can help decrease mosquitoes.

Screen Net
Ensure that the screen net of your tent is closed at all times to keep mosquitoes and flies out of your tent. Additional screen nets can also be purchased to be placed over your mattress in larger open tent areas.


Don’t leave food – ants will alert their army to any scraps of sugar that is left behind so make sure that you keep your campsite clean after mealtimes.

No food in tents – as a general rule, try to keep all food items out of your tent, this will help avoid any unwanted ants that may crawl into your sleeping bag.

Rinse with water – if you happen to spill any cold drink or hot beverages, ensure that you rinse the area with water. This will prevent attracting ants.

Storage – close all items of food and store them away in a location where bugs will not be attracted to them, such as in a cooler or sealed container. Food items, cans of sugary soda and other drinks attract bugs, which in turn attract spiders to your campsite. Dispose of all food waste and garbage at an appropriate location off your campsite.


As camping gear is typically stored in the garage or outside while not in use, be sure to check all of your camping gear for spiders before you leave for your camping trip.

Be mindful of setting up camp away from stagnant water and dense bush areas. These areas attract bugs and spiders.

Spray bug spray around your campsite or place bug repellent candles in various areas around the perimeter of your campsite in order to prevent bugs and spiders.

Shake out your sleeping bag before sleep time to ensure that no spiders have found their way in during the day.


Make sure that your First Aid kit contains the following:

Insect repellent: We recommend the Bushman insect repellent range. It has a built-in sunscreen and repels mosquitoes, sandflies, flies, ticks and leeches.

Antiseptic wipes that contain hydrogen peroxide or povidine-iodine.

Calamine lotion for stings.

Hydrocortisone cream for skin allergies.

Medication for pain and fever such as paracetemol or aspirin.

Antihystamines for allergic reactions.