Camping Destination – Gordon Country

Camping Destination – Gordon Country


People who are looking for a camping destination they will never forget, should head over to Gordon Country. This location has a lot to offer and can provide you with the ultimate camping experience, whether you are camping with your family or friends.

Read on and discover why Gordon Country is one of the best places for camping!

Gordon Country is a diverse a beautiful camping destination for campers of all kinds. Whether you like to camp in a tent, motorhome or cabin, you can find accommodations. Additionally, there are activities for everyone from swimming, to hiking, to 4WD adventures.


Horseback Riding

People who visit Gordon Country can also bring their horses and enjoy exploring on horseback. This can be a great vacation for you and your horses.


4WD Trails

Another great way to explore Gordon Country, for the adventurous type, is through the various 4WD trails. If you have a vehicle and like to push its limits, Gordon County can be your playground.



When you stay at Gordon Country, you will also find a number of beautiful cabins you can stay in. Cabin types vary from the stockyard cabin, to the forestry cabin, and the largest ones can house up to eight people. View the various options available here.


Gordon Country is perfect to camp whether you pitch a tent or spend a few days on a powered site where you will have all the comforts of home. When visiting Gordon Country, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful environment and can explore via 4WD, horseback or on foot. Read on to learn what the various Gordon Country campsites have to offer.

Banshee Junction Camp imageBanshee Junction Camp

If you would like to spend your vacation in a beautiful green environment with tall cliffs and plenty of plant life, then you will love the Banshee Junction campsite. Travelers choosing Banshee Junction Camp can also take their pets!

Banshee Junction Camp imageBanshee Valley Camp

How about spending your holiday near a charming, bubbly creek. This is exactly what you will find when you choose Banshee Valley Campsite. Here you are guaranteed to experience the pure air, beautiful water, and a breathtaking environment.

Black Cockatoo Camp imageBlack Cockatoo Camp

People who want a camp location with some basic amenities should head over to the Black Cockatoo Campsite. At this amazing camp ground, you can find parking, hot showers, and septic toilets. This camp is also a favorite for bird watchers because black cockatoos visit this campsite regularly.

Bower Bird Camp imageBower Bird Camp

If you want to spot some Bower birds, there is only one place to go: the Bower Bird Camp. This location is also perfect for families with children because there are plenty of waterholes for children to go swimming. Be careful when you bring shiny things though, because the birds might just fly away with them.

Bullhole North Camp imageBullhole North Camp

Another great spot for caravans is the Bullhole North Camp. Enjoy an evening around the campfire and experience the amazing green environment that surrounds you here.

Bullhole Middle Camp imageBullhole Middle Camp

A great camping ground for caravans is the Bullhole Middle Camp. You can relax on the banks of the Dalrymple Creek or have a swim in the crystal clear water.

King Parrot Camp imageKing Parrot Camp

The King Parrot Camp is situated along the Dalrymple Creek. This camp is also conveniently located near the amenities, so you can also enjoy the comforts you have at home.

Ripplebrook Camp imageRipplebrook Camp

The Ripplebrook Campsite is another secluded and quiet camp. The area is peaceful and also fun for children as there is the nearby Dalrymple Creek, which has shallow waterholes for swimming.

Rockhole Camp imageRockhole Camp

Rockhole Camp is perfect for bird lovers. There is plenty of birdlife to discover, and you are only a hundred meters away from the National Park and the Dalrymple Creek.

Wallaby Flat Camp imageWallaby Flat Camp

When you stay at Wallaby Flat Camp, you will be able to enjoy the peace of nature. Experience the beauty of gum trees and the privacy you can get in this place.
As you can see, you have a wide variety of campsites to choose from within Gordon County. You can even try a few different ones throughout your stay

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