Best practice tips for your ute canopy maintenance

Best practice tips for your ute canopy maintenance

So you’ve splashed out on your setup and bought yourself a brand new Austates ute canopy, but what’s the best practice for keeping this bad boy looking mickey mouse? Austates are ute canopy experts, and we have the know-how to keep your canopy in tip-top shape. Whether you opted for our traditional chequer plate finish or upgraded to our powder coat option, these tips will help keep your canopy in great condition and looking like new!

Powder coating your ute canopy

This is one of the most durable colour techniques available. Powder coating keeps your canopy looking as fresh as the first day you laid eyes on it, without too much added maintenance being required. To extend the life of powder coating, all you need to do is implement a simple but regular cleaning schedule. If you’re not driving off-road often, once a month is usually fine for a pressure wash and scrub.

Environmental effects on your ute canopy

Dirt, grime and airborne salt are other deposits which can accumulate over time, especially if you live near the coast or travel off-road often. Again, a regular cleaning schedule should be utilised. If you go camping or drive on the beach regularly, it is necessary to clean your canopy after returning from your trips.

Pressure wash first to remove loose grime and deposits
Use a soft brush and a diluted mix of truck cleaner to scrub off the remaining deposits and clean those hard to reach places
Pressure wash clean again
Wipe down with a chamois or microfiber cloth to stop hard water droplets staining your clean canopy

This process applies for standard, chequer plate and powder-coated canopy finishes.

Consider parking your canopy undercover

The sun in Australia is known for its harshness. It bears down relentlessly, and anyone who hasn’t garaged their car for some time will know firsthand about the material damage that can be caused by extended UV exposure. Australia is also known for its summer storms, which can fell trees and branches, not to mention the added damage when there are hailstones involved. Covering your ute canopy while you’re not using it will help retain its slick appearance for a much longer period of time whilst maintaining the structural integrity.

If you don’t have an undercover area to park your ute, we suggest buying a large tarp to cover the canopy. This is going to reduce the amount of debris that lands on your canopy, which in turn will mitigate the frequency of cleaning required and will maintain your canopy for longer.

What not to do

We’ve just given you a big list of things you can do to extend the life of your canopy, but there’s definitely a list of things not to do. Just because an aluminium canopy looks clean, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s being cleaned properly. There are many trailer washes out there that contain phosphates and other harsh chemicals which will eventually start to corrode your aluminium canopy if used repeatedly. Washes that are acidic are a big no-no for canopies. This is why we recommend CT18. It’s pH neutral and phosphate-free. We build our canopies to last, and while aluminium won’t rust, it can oxidise and develop a dull, yellowish layer that needs to be cleaned regularly.

If you want more information on how to maintain and look after your brand spanking new Austates ute canopy, don’t hesitate to drop us a line. If you’re old-school: 07 3272 7888. If you’re new-school, use our contact form located here!