Best Land Based Fishing Locations in Brisbane

Best Land Based Fishing Locations in Brisbane


If you love to fish but don’t have a boat, or a four-wheel drive, don’t worry! We’ve made a list of the best land based fishing locations that you can drive to. All you need is your fishing rod and tackle.

Bribie Jetty

The Bribie Jetty is an oldie but a goodie. This popular location allows you to walk straight from your car onto the jetty. You can usually expect a good day’s catch including a variety of fish. You will be able to catch fish such as whiting, flathead, cod and sometimes small mackerel. You may also come across sand and mud crabs so it pays to pack your nets.

Hornibrook Highway Bridge

Arguably Brisbane’s most popular land fishing area, this bridge is always a busy spot on the holidays. Even when it is busy however, you will still get a good catch.

You can access the fishing areas from Brighton (southern end) or Clontarf (northside). You’ll be able to take home catches such as yellowfin, whiting, bream and flathead.You can also catch some sand and mud crabs.

Brisbane Boat Passage Rock Walls

Located a short wander from Lytton Road, this area has lots of room to park the car. During the cooler months this location is a popular fishing spot for luderick or blackfish. Whilst a number of other fish including yellowfin, bream and flathead can be caught off either side of the bridge.

The best time to catch any fish in these locations are the darker times of the day- for example, early morning, late afternoon and night.

If you are going to catch crabs remember there are laws surrounding what you can take home. Make sure you pack a tape measure and only take home crabs that are males and have a width of 15cm across the carapace. A maximum 10 mud crabs per person is another point which you should be aware of.