Best apps for the worksite

Best apps for the worksite

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With billions of apps to choose from today, it can be challenging to find the right tool for the job. Here’s a list of apps designed specifically to make business on the go easier and more practical.


This app is designed to make invoicing customers quick and easy. Invoice a customer through the app and it syncs across devices making it easy to continue working on your PC at home. A stand-out feature of Invoice2Go is the ability to separate billing into labour from parts. And if you’re a bit trendy and have an Apple Watch, you can now track billable time with a tap to your wrist.


Toggl in an easy to use and flexible time management app. This is a great app for tracking time as it offers one-click time tracking on practically any device, including iPhones, Android phones, Windows PCs and Macs. Toggl is free to use for teams of up to 5 people and also includes a reporting feature through its web app.


Using the camera in your smartphone, you can now measure heights and distances of far away objects. The app is not accurate enough to rely on it for precise measurement, but should suffice for general quoting.

Find my iPhone

This is an essential app for anyone with an iPhone. Whether your phone gets stolen, falls under the seat of your car, gets left at a worksite, or you simply left it in your toolbox, this app is a lifesaver. And if you’ve truly lost your phone, you can protect sensitive information by wiping it remotely.


This little app could almost replace all other apps. Built specifically for business management, this app lets you track staff locations, dispatch jobs and send invoices. It can also send email or even SMS updates to both staff and customers. This handy app is a sure-fire way for you to become more productive and look extra professional.

If this app still doesn’t quite get the job done, also check out GeoOp for a more comprehensive (but a little more costly) business management app.