The Benefits of Buying Australian Made

The Benefits of Buying Australian Made

Buying Australian made products is an activity that is widely encouraged through many industries and the pest control industry is no exception. Not only is buying Australian made products encouraged, it can also be very beneficial for you and your business. As an all Australian business that prides ourselves on our high quality, Australian made ute rigs and storage boxes for your business, we think it’s important to spread the word on why you should always consider buying Aussie made when the option is presented.

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When buying Australian made, you can be rest assured that the products are being made to match a regulated level of quality. Australian made products have to comply with rigorous safety standards, which is important for your business as the standards and compliances that you have to meet are of a world class level. When dealing with potentially dangerous chemicals as well as sharp items, we know how important it is to ensure that the products you’re buying are the best quality possible and work exactly how they are intended to, when you need them to. Because our products are Australian made we are able to ensure high quality throughout each step of the production process.

More Ability for Customisation

Large overseas suppliers tend to have a set menu you can select from when it comes to their products as producing custom items individually through language barriers and varying measurement systems can become very inefficient, very quickly for them. When working with a company that makes its products in Australia, it is far more typical for their supply and production chains to adapt to your needs when necessary. At Austates our ute rigs are designed specifically for your vehicle as well as the functions that you need it to perform.

Product Reliability and Security

Interactions with overseas suppliers tend to be brief and holding them accountable can be difficult to near impossible across international borders. When you buy Australian made, the channels of communication are shorter and dealing with any potential issues is a must faster process. You are also protected by the systems established in this country by regulating bodies like the ACCC that can hold businesses accountable for any faults or misleading information about the product. When purchasing products that are an essential part of your business it is important to have this reassurance that if something were to happen you are protected and can easily contact the people who can help.

Supporting your Community

By purchasing Australian made products you are not only reaping great benefits for your business but you are helping those around you too. Stimulating businesses in the Australian economy is doing yourself an indirect favour by contributing to a circular economy that will benefit you in the long term. When other Aussie businesses are doing well, yours will too!

Service from Start to Finish

When purchasing an Australian made product from Austates you will receive reliable service through the whole use of your product. From your initial enquiry, to your quote, arranging an appointment, having your rig fit-out and then getting to enjoy your product, we are here to help you through the whole process. We are even ready to help after the fact with many of our customers returning to us for bigger upgrades when their businesses are ready to expand.

At Austates our Australian made goods are our bread and butter. We strive to give you all of the benefits of buying Australian made with each and every one of your experiences with us. Contact us for more information on any of our pest control equipment or Ausbox products today and see for yourself the benefits of buying local.