The latest trends in the Pest Control Services market.

The latest trends in the Pest Control Services market.


Here at Austates, we take pest and weed equipment very seriously. Part of that seriousness is our commitment to staying on top of, and ahead of, the latest trends in the pest control services market. Our industry is constantly changing and adapting with the times, and pest control professionals have to learn and adapt too.

That’s why we’ve put together a quick look at the latest trends in the pest control services market, to ensure you know what is going on in our industry and to help you be at the absolute top of your pest control service.

Increase in connected pest services

One of the most impressive recent developments in the pest control industry is the use of smart, connected technologies to eliminate pest problems. From automated surveillance to GPS tracking, connected pest control systems are being used by companies like Rentokil to treat pest issues in zero-tolerance industries like food production. It’s no longer a simple trap-and-kill business, but now pest control services are being expected to survey, monitor, record, and write in-depth reports on some of the worst and most difficult pests. Not only does this require us to use smarter technologies, but also to become smarter in the way we deal with our clients.

Increasing use of communication and recording technology

Alongside connected pest services, communication and recording technology is rapidly changing our industry. Property managers can now use video-chat applications like Apple’s FaceTime to give pest control professionals a live view of their pest problem, allowing pest control professionals to give an instant diagnosis. Many pest professionals are now also using video monitoring devices, including smaller cameras like the GoPro, to record and narrate inspections. These make the job of the pest controller easier, but also allows pest controllers to build more trust with property managers and other clients.

More insurance based pest control services

A major market driver at the moment is the increase in insurance-based pest control services. More and more insurance providers are branching out into pest insurance, especially for hotel and large businesses. This means many pest control professionals are starting to get contracts with these insurance providers, and some larger pest control businesses are selling insurance too. Pest control professionals have to not only ensure they are aware of insurance requirements but increasingly have to build relationships with insurance companies.

Preference of bio-rational materials

Least-impact products and services have been prominent in our industry for a while, and now bio-rational materials are the next step in that trend. Non-toxic and non-negative solutions are increasingly becoming the standard, and the most breakthrough of these solutions is the use of pheromones in insect pesticides. Pheromones are nothing new in this industry, but now they are being combined with pesticides to lead insects away from areas such as kitchen or playgrounds where traditionally pesticide was tricky to use.

All of these trends are changing the way our industry is going and changing the way many pest control professionals are working. We are only starting to understand how these new technologies could work for us, but the possibilities are looking endless!

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