Case Study - Ausbox - Mining Box #2

Contractors boxes

The Ausbox customer requested a square style box (door doesn’t slope back). A square style gives you more storage space, as the shelves or drawers that go into the top part of the box can be made deeper.

Sometimes customers request this style also because it matches the shape of the head rack on their ute tray. (straight up, as opposed to sloping back).

Ausbox fitted slam latches to these as well. They are a lock that allows the catch to engage just by pushing the door shut firmly, much like a car door closes. Our standard locks require the handle to be turned after closing to latch them shut.

The box with 4 short drawers, also has adjustable height shelves on the right. These shelves give the customer some flexibility with what they store there. E.g. They may have a tool in a case that is stored on the shelf. If that tool has to be replaced and the new tool is in a larger case, the shelf can be easily repositioned to accommodate the bigger case.

The job was completed with a standard Pearl White powder coated finish.