6 Best Ideas For Your Ute Canopy

6 Best Ideas For Your Ute Canopy

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There are many creative ways that you can spruce up your vehicle rig for work or play. Here at Austates, we love hearing about innovative ideas! From installing a fridge to making your vehicle pet-friendly, here are a few fascinating design features that will improve your ute canopy.

Inbuilt dog travel crate.

Hands up all those who have a trusty canine that goes with them everywhere? Transporting your dog is safest via a sturdy, anchored crate, especially if you have a single cab ute. If your furry friend likes to hang out in your ute tray bed when travelling between jobs, ensure they’re secure and sheltered from the sun and rain with a ventilated crate. You can even build one straight into your canopy! Avoid the hassles of anchoring crates by providing your dog with an easily accessible and, most importantly, safe cage for every journey.

Swag anchors on canopy roof.

Sometimes sleeping up high when camping is the best solution, especially if the ground is wet and muddy or if there are dangerous snakes in the area. If you have a sturdy, fortified ute canopy roof, you could even set up your swag on top of it with a ladder leading directly to the opening. Perfect for those who like to hit the bush on the weekends for a solitary escape to nature!

Mountain bike racks.

Adrenaline junkies beware, this may tempt you to buy more bikes. If you’re an avid mountain biker or long-distance cyclist, imagine transferring your bike shed to your ute canopy. We’re talking multiple racks to store all your gear, sheltered from the elements. Say goodbye to those flimsy attachable racks you can hook up on the back of your car. God knows they aren’t very sturdy and won’t protect your expensive bikes if some crazy driver rear-ends you. Plus, why settle on one bike for your weekend adventure when you could bring all of them?

Pull-out workbench.

Workbenches are useful to have on hand for a massive variety of reasons. Whether you need somewhere to prepare food when camping, work with tools and parts on a job or set up a game of poker by the campfire, a workbench will provide you with a sturdy surface. Design your ute canopy with a pull-out workbench so that you always have a place to spread out, wherever you go. You can even install drawers underneath for convenient storage. Or perhaps you want to install slide-out drink holders? Now we’re talking.

Coffee machine.

Who said coffee machines were confined to vans? If you’ve got a ute tray bed itching to be transformed into a mobile business, a canopy is a great way to start! With a van, you’re often restricted to the existing openings, whether they are pull-out doors at the back or sliding doors at the sides. When designing a ute canopy from scratch, you can set everything up for your mobile cafe just the way you want it. You may wish to install a simple pod machine to get that quick morning caffeine fix while camping. Or you could prefer a full-blown espresso machine, complete with a grinder, to hit up the markets on the weekend and improve your side-hustle. Whatever the scale or your caffeinated visions, they can be incorporated into your custom ute canopy design.


Want a few of the luxuries of a campervan incorporated into your ute? Your vehicle rig doesn’t have to be all work and no play! If you’re a tradie, you may resent office workers for their constant access to a kitchenette. Somewhere to keep their lunch, grab a cold drink or prepare a sandwich. So why not take your break room with you on every job? Installing a kitchenette into your ute canopy has many advantages. You can store cold energy drinks and bevvies for knock-off time in a slide out fridge. You could even incorporate hot plates or a BBQ for easy cooking while you’re camping, and a lift out tub for washing up your dishes. The possibilities are endless!

Are you looking for the perfect ute canopy with an experienced vehicle rig manufacturer? Here at Austates, we want to provide canopy designs that suit your needs. Contact us today to bring your vision to life!