5 Things You’ll Need to Start a Pest Control Business

5 Things You’ll Need to Start a Pest Control Business

Are you thinking of starting your own pest control business? Working for yourself and being your own boss is the dream, and a pest control business has the potential to earn you a healthy income! There are a few key points to consider before you get started on your endeavour and with years in the industry, Austates has an in-depth understanding of what equipment and tools you’ll need to get yourself prepared.

1. Reliable transport

Having a ute, van or truck that you can kit out with a customised tray/boot that is built for your requirements will make the job much easier and much less stressful. The scale and size of your business will dictate how much products you need, but the organisation will allow you to be as productive as possible, ensuring the best value for your customers and saving you time. You can have trays built for termite control, domestic ants and spiders, weed control, nursery or farm work and even fire-break maintenance. We recommend looking into signage as this will help to legitimise your business as your vehicle looks the part and of course, signage is excellent brand exposure!

2. Chemicals / sprayers

Once you have somewhere to store all of your products and equipment, you’ll be looking for the best of industry supplies! To get started you’ll generally need spray equipment, traps, bait, cages, and spill kits. Spray equipment comes in various sizes with different nozzles and pumps to suit so that you can be prepared to tackle any situation.

3. PPE

Next up we have personal protective equipment, often referred to as PPE. This is an extremely important investment as the chemicals you’ll be frequently exposed to shouldn’t be used without the correct protection and can do harm if not used properly. Examples include gloves, respirator masks, goggles, closed in shoes and at a minimum, long sleeve shirts and pants.

4. Office supplies

When you aren’t out on a job, you’ll likely be behind the computer invoicing and setting up future quotes. This can be easily overlooked, as you’ll mainly be concerned with the physical aspect of the business, but it’s extremely important to invest in a functional indoor workspace. You would be surprised at how much more productive you can be when you have the right desk setup! To get started you’ll need a desk, chair with decent back support, a computer and basic software for processing invoices.

5. Insurance

Now that you have your vehicle, equipment and office supplies, you’ll need business insurance. This is vital for ensuring that your hard-earned work and money doesn’t go to waste in the event that something is damaged, stolen or the economy takes a turn. There are hundreds of options for protecting your business, so we recommend shopping around and speaking to an expert in the field. It’ll be worth it in the end to be able to sleep soundly at night knowing you’ve done everything you can to stay protected!

If you would like any more information on what else you might require when starting a pest control business, the team at Austates would be more than happy to make some recommendations. we have the ability to custom build ute canopies and supply equipment. Contact us here to find out more!